Stories representing a mosaic of human nature awaits you in John Nieman’s Three-Minute Shorts: A Collection of Really Short Stories. In this book, the author introduces a cast of characters involved in their respective worlds, evoking a sense of familiarity or striking an emotional chord.

Come across an elegant blind man who finds self-esteem in a glass of obscure red wine. Meet a cross-dresser who discovers the perfect non-judgmental friend. Imagine how hard it must be like for a movie star look-alike to constantly live the role, or guess what an erotic baker does when faced with an ultimate challenge. Take a step in these characters’ shoes and enjoy a brief experience of a life outside your own.

Each story is a revealing and riveting snapshot of human nature, and, as the title suggests, can be read in about three minutes.  Some are light, dark, sweet, or shocking, but all are fun to read.